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The Irish Boxing Association

The Irish Boxing Association

Boxing Development Officer


The Boxing Development Officer is a partnership between the DCC & IABA.

Our Goals:Promote boxing and community activity – encourage participation – promote the values of sport – develop partnerships with local groups and schools.

Why Boxing? We recognise the physical, emotional, psychological and social attributes of boxing and believe that our sport is particularly well positioned to attract people whom other mainstream team based sports may be missing.

 Benefits to the Individual: Boxing can provide participants with the chance to learn new skills, gain in self-confidence and improve their fitness levels.

Benefits to the Community: Boxing is an individual pursuit capable of attracting a diverse range of people which actually encourages collaboration with others.

Benefits to Education: Boxing can help schools provide a more balanced sporting programme as outlined by the Department of Education and Science.

 What is StartBox? A cost-effective, fun based, initially non-contact introductory boxing programme – specifically aimed at encouraging those with little or no experience in boxing – potentially culminating in a community showcase exhibition.

Our Target Group:10-21 year olds, mixed gender.

How to Make Contact:  Paul Quinn, Community Development Officer, Dublin Centre,  Ballybough Commmunity youth & sports centre, Phone: 0876748928

To join the project or find out more information please call in and talk to our team

Who To Talk To About This project?

Paul Quinn, Community Development Officer

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